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Access our on-demand video library designed for young readers Pre-School through Second Grade. Preview and explore all the available videos in each series below!

phonics fun series 1 thumbnail

Phonics Fun: Series 1

Learn Your Basic Letter Sounds (A-Z)

Total Videos/Lessons - 26

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word families thumbnail

Word Families: Series 1

Learn Beginning Word Patterns

Total Videos/Lessons - 5

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sight words series 1 thumbnail

Sight Words: Series 1

Learn Your Beginning Sight Words

Total Videos/Lessons - 20

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Digraphs and diphthongs thumbnail

Digraphs & Diphthongs

Explore the Trickier Phonemes

Total Videos/Lessons - 10

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lets learn the colors series 1 thumbnail

Let’s Learn the Colors: Series 1

Learn Your Colors (R-O-Y-G-B)

Total Videos/Lessons - 5

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Luminous Minds Part of Happy Handing Worksheet Cut Out And Taped On Purple Background With Logo of Light Bulb Wearing Graduation Hat Holding Diploma

Happy Handwriting

More Videos Coming Soon!

Total Videos/Lessons - 26

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