Join Ms. Chandra and learn about the long sound for, ‘a!’  In our ‘Phonics Fun: Series Two’ course, children will explore the long vowel sounds, Phonics rules, and the various long vowel spelling patterns.  Engage in lively, onscreen games and activities designed to enhance retention and improve reading skills.  Complete the entire video plus corresponding worksheets; or, just interact with the onscreen activities.

What’s Inside

‘Hooray, Its Time for Long A: Part 2’ introduces children to the long sound for a and two spelling patterns:  ‘_ai_’  and ‘_ay.’  Scholars will participate in a variety of research-based, multisensory activities including: singing the ‘Long Vowel Song’, exploring words and building vocabulary, learn about different spelling patterns, and interact with onscreen reading games.  Download and print the corresponding Long A bundle pack and enjoy extension activities to reinforce and improve phonics knowledge and reading skills.

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