About Luminous Minds

At Luminous Minds, we understand “it takes a village!”

Often it is not the child, but the system that fails. Children need to be taught using engaging, innovative, and research-based methods. It is our goal to provide high-quality, premium educational resources that support diverse learners and a variety of learning styles.

All Luminous Minds curriculum and instructional videos use brain-based research and multi-sensory learning to engage all types of learners. Every material has been created by experienced, effective teachers. Parents, teachers, and most importantly, children, have tested and enthusiastically endorse our methods and products.

Meet The Team

Chandra Roughton staff thumbnail

Chandra Roughton

CEO / Founder

Hello Parents & Educators! Welcome to Luminous Minds!

I have inspired and educated young scholars for over 23 years. I graduated from Fresno State University with my Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and Administration. My career began as a classroom teacher, the majority being spent joyfully teaching primary-aged scholars. I worked tirelessly, giving 110% to each child that walked through my door. I did this because I strongly believe each child has a right to the best education possible. Throughout my teaching years, I proudly served in Title 1 schools. Due to my nature and ability to build relationships, use multi-sensory learning, and develop a culture and climate centered around having a growth mindset, my scholars consistently produced some of the highest academic scores in all the districts that I served. Go, scholars!

Being a lifelong learner, I became fascinated by research on how the human brain learns. My professional career evolved into a variety of leadership, coaching, and curriculum development positions. I had the pleasure of serving not only scholars, but also serving teachers. I spent years leading professional development trainings and workshops as well as guiding and coaching teachers on how to improve their practice. Additionally, I have served as an advocate for parents of children with learning disabilities or behavioral challenges. I consider myself a change agent; working to close the existing achievement gaps in our educational system and supporting all that I can for the benefit of ensuring our children receive the high-quality education they deserve.

It is my goal to bring my passion for teaching and learning to as many beautiful young minds as possible. I cannot wait for your scholar (or scholars) to learn with me!

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Brad Marsh

Director of Video Production & Graphics

Hello Parents and Educators! I am Brad Marsh, Director of Video Production and Graphics for Luminous Minds. I am a Sacramento native. I grew up with a passion for filmmaking. I remember hauling my camera around every day, as a kid, creating videos with friends. This ultimately led me to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies with a concentration in digital media from California State University, Sacramento. After graduation, I went to work with the Sacramento Kings for several years. I have since sought to use my skills and creativity to create videos that children and educators will find engaging and educational. I find great joy in knowing that the videos I help produce will not only educate youth but will bring smiles to their faces.

Shirley LeRoy staff thumbnail

Shirley LeRoy

Director of Business & Finance

Hello Parents and Educators. I am Shirley LeRoy. My husband and I spent 25 years running a large manufacturing business in Sacramento. When our company was purchased by a national organization it gave me the opportunity to follow my passion — creating positive change in childhood education.

With my business experience and a degree in finance from the University of California, Los Angeles, I bring a seasoned perspective to this new and exciting learning platform.