Lesson 9: Decode, Map & Read with: a, k, i, v, e, l, t, b, m, h, n and d


Get ready to step up your daily early literacy lessons!  Incorporating the key elements identified in the Science of Reading, children will engage in systemic phonics instruction developing and improving skills with letter-sound correspondence, decoding, blending, manipulating and reading words.  Each lesson concludes with a ‘Sentence of the Day,’ designed to build fluency.  Identified Key Elements:  Phonics, Phonemic Awareness, Fluency, Beginning Vocabulary Development.

What’s Inside

Perfect for any primary classroom and/or as a reading intervention support, these short, animated mini-lessons will give your students the extra foundational support they need to improve their reading skills.  Two beeps are heard before students should say the letter sound and/or read the word, allowing for processing/thinking time, letter-sound association, and improved retention.  Play whole class as a daily ELA/Phonics warm-up, use in a center/workshop station, and/or assign independently for students who need extra reading practice.  Replay and rewatch for repeated practice.

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