Digraphs and diphthongs can be tricky phonemic sounds to learn.  That’s why we created the ‘Oy Song!’  Enjoy in the classroom or at home for extra learning support.  Help your child or students learn the ‘oy’ sound and spelling patterns ‘oy’ or ‘oi.’  Sing to the tune of ‘Joy to the World.’  Love it as much as we do?  Check out our Oh Boy!  It’s Time For ‘oi! bundle pack loaded with activities and worksheets to practice the diphthong: oy /oi.

What’s Inside

Practice the tricky diphthong: oy/oi with this great, quick song!  Help your child or students learn how to read, recognize and spell words with the ‘oy’ sound and spelling patterns: ‘oy’ or ‘oi.’  Make smiling part of your daily phonics practice!

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