Chandra Roughton, M.Ed

CEO / Founder

M.A. Degree in Educational Leadership & Administration with Distinction
Administrative Credential (CA)
Multiple-Subject Teaching Credential (CA)
Publications: Exploring the Benefits of Private, Out-of-School Tutoring with Students in Grades K-12 (2016)

Luminous Minds was founded and created by Chandra Roughton (Ms.  Chandra), a passionate educator/teacher for over 23 years.  Ms. Chandra has been inspiring, educating, and effectively teaching children throughout her entire career.  Many know her as being a change agent and advocate for what is best for kids.  Early on, she began her career as a classroom teacher, proudly serving in Title 1 schools.

Ms. Chandra was the first teacher to show up to work, and the last one to leave.   Her scholars consistently produced some of the highest academic scores in the districts that she served.  More importantly, her students adored her.  She made learning fun and seemed to understand that all children learn in unique and different ways. Chandra became a lifelong learner herself, fascinated by the neuroscience and research on how the human brain learns. Using this knowledge throughout her career, she evolved into a variety of leadership, coaching, and curriculum development positions centered around best practices to teach children.

Chandra graduated from Fresno State with a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and Administration.  She led many teacher development trainings and workshops to help other educators improve their practice.  Chandra has also served as an advocate for parents of children with learning disabilities or behavioral challenges.  She has worked tirelessly to close the existing achievement gaps in our educational system all for the benefit of ensuring all children receive the high-quality education they deserve.