Chandra Roughton

CEO / Founder

Hello Parents & Educators! Welcome to Luminous Minds!

I have inspired and educated young scholars for over 23 years. I graduated from Fresno State University with my Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and Administration. My career began as a classroom teacher, the majority being spent joyfully teaching primary-aged scholars. I worked tirelessly, giving 110% to each child that walked through my door. I did this because I strongly believe each child has a right to the best education possible. Throughout my teaching years, I proudly served in Title 1 schools. Due to my nature and ability to build relationships, use multi-sensory learning, and develop a culture and climate centered around having a growth mindset, my scholars consistently produced some of the highest academic scores in all the districts that I served. Go, scholars!

Being a lifelong learner, I became fascinated by research on how the human brain learns. My professional career evolved into a variety of leadership, coaching, and curriculum development positions. I had the pleasure of serving not only scholars, but also serving teachers. I spent years leading professional development trainings and workshops as well as guiding and coaching teachers on how to improve their practice. Additionally, I have served as an advocate for parents of children with learning disabilities or behavioral challenges. I consider myself a change agent; working to close the existing achievement gaps in our educational system and supporting all that I can for the benefit of ensuring our children receive the high-quality education they deserve.

It is my goal to bring my passion for teaching and learning to as many beautiful young minds as possible. I cannot wait for your scholar (or scholars) to learn with me!