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Review Time 4: as, with, his, they and I


Time to master those tricky sight words! Included in this worksheet, scholars will review and practice how to read, write and spell the following sight words: as, with, his, they and I. Fun, engaging activities include: tracing, writing, repeated readings, fluency development, and a Word Search. Scholars will also get daily practice identifying the day of the week and weather! This worksheet is one, individual page from ‘The Sight Word Pack: Fry Words: Set 1. Check out the entire pack here.



  • Foundational Skills
  • Reading
  • Sight Words

Grade Level

  • 1st Grade
  • 2nd Grade
  • Kindergarten
  • T-K / Pre-K

What's Included

  • Practice and repetition reading with the sight word(s)
  • Worksheet(s)