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R-Controlled Vowels Word Mapping & Sound Box Mat | Phoneme Segmentation Activity Mat


Enhance hands-on learning with our tactile word building printable mat, designed to deepen understanding of r-controlled vowel sounds and build vocabulary. Enlarge and laminate for durability.  This versatile resource supports students in constructing words using letter tiles while identifying r-controlled vowel patterns. With four customizable versions, it seamlessly integrates into phonics lessons, centers, or small group activities. Students connect speech sounds to corresponding letters, fostering phonemic awareness. Utilize mats without picture cards for dictation exercises. Simply select a card, pronounce the word, isolate each sound, and spell it on the mat. For extended use, laminate and utilize with whiteboard pens or alphabet letter tiles. Choose from options with or without dashed lines to represent the r-controlled vowel pattern. Unlock the power of tactile learning with our adaptable word building mat.



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Grade Level

  • 1st Grade
  • 2nd Grade
  • Kindergarten

What's Included

  • Activities
  • Answer Key
  • Center Station
  • Game
  • Template(s)
  • Vocabulary Development
  • Word Building
  • Worksheet(s)