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Our research-based, award-winning, brain-compatible curriculum is carefully crafted by experienced, master educators. Through our worksheets and/or instructional videos, your child or students can improve in the following areas:


Develop and acquire new words while building on the words your child, children or students already know.

Phonics & Word Recognition

Understand the relationship between sounds and letters while learning essential skills to decode and sound out grade level appropriate words.


Improve speed, accuracy, rate, and proper expression while reading grade level appropriate text.

Sight Words

Practice and learn how to recognize and read the most commonly used words that a young reader will encounter through memorizing each word as one whole unit.

Phonemic Awareness

Hear, identify and manipulate the individual sounds (phonemes) in words through reading games, rhymes, and language play.


Learn how to understand, interpret, think deeply about, and make connections with what is read.

Grade Levels

Whether your child is getting ahead or catching up, focus on grade-level milestones with our videos and worksheets.




First Grade

Second Grade


Kid tested, parent approved.